bio and cv

Luigi Coppola, born in Lecce (Italy), lives and works between Lecce and Brussels

Ongoing -2014
Parco Comune dei Frutti Minori, public art project, Castiglione d’Otranto, ITA
Mercato Comune dei Frutti Minori, public art project, Castiglione d’Otranto
in collaboration with Casa delle Agriculture.
Ongoing – 2015
OrtoComune, public art project Valle Camonica. Initiated in the context of Aperto_2015 Art on the border.
Ongoing -2012
Masses and Motets, Exercises in Political Chorality

2015 The Indipendents, group exhibition, with Casa delle Agriculture, cur. by Aspramente and G. Ferracci, MAXXI Museum Roma, ITA
- Athens Biennale, Omonoia, cur. by M. Mollona, Athens GR
- Fashion as social Energy, group exhibition, with M. Migliora, cur. by Gabi Scardi & Anna Dethridge, Palazzo della Moda, Milano, ITA
- Fondo Speculativo di Provvidenza, public art project, with C. Maierhans, cur. by Silvia Bottiroli, within the Santarcangelo Festival dei Teatri, ITA
- Orto Comune, public art project, cur. by G. Azzoni, within Aperto_2015 art on the border, Valle Camonica (BS), ITA
- Preaching the Choir, group exhibition, cur. by Maayan Sheleff, Herziliya Museum Tel Aviv, IS
- Parco Comune dei Frutti Minori, (actions 4, 5, 6), public art project, Castiglione (LE), ITA
2014 - Masses and Motets vol III, public art project, in Notte Verde_ agricultura e sviluppo sostenibile, Castiglione d'Otranto (LE) 
- Masses and Motets vol II, public art project, in Face to Face with Monument, cur. by Chto Delat? Into the City / Wiener Feswochen, Wien, AU 
- Onufri Prize exhibition, with M. Migliora cur. by Claudio Cravero, Tirana, AL 
- Parco Comune dei Frutti Minori, (actions 1, 2, 3) public art project, Castiglione d'Otranto (LE), ITA 
- Rural in action, workshop, cur. by Vessel, Cerignola (FG), ITA
2013 - Free Home University, public art project, Ammirato Culture House and Musagetes Found., Lecce ITA
- Io in testa/ A-head, public art project, Nomas Foundation (in A Theatre Cycle cur. by C.Canziani and Ilaria Gianni), Teatro Valle, Nuovo Cinema Palazzo, Rome ITA
- Masses and Motets vol I, public art project, in Lungomare Gasthaus, Bolzano ITA
2012 - Steirscher Herbst 2012, Graz (AU), screening and panel in Truth is concrete cur. F. Malzacher
- Kunsthaus Graz (AU), exhibition in Cittadellarte Sharing Trasformation cur. K.T. Bucher
- 50°49’19.50’’N 4°21’25.53’’ ERG Gallery (BE), screening
- Kadist Art Foundation Paris (FRA), exhibition in Enacting Populism curated by M. Lucchetti
- Lovely Days, Brac (CR), screening cur. By R. Poljac
- Mains d’Oeuvres Paris (FRA), performance in Enacting Populism
curated by M. Lucchetti
2011 - Extra City – Antwerpen (BE) performance in public space / screening
2010 - Artisterium International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events, Tbilisi (Georgia), cur. M.Guruli
- MASS Alexandria, Egypt, workshop cur. by W. Shawky
- Neutral Ecological Body # Seoul, solo exhibition, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, cur. Kim Hee- young , S. KOREA
2009 - Atti Democratici, public art and performance, 1st Democracy Biennale, Cavallerizza Reale, Torino, ITA
- Atti Democratici, Fabbrica Europa Firenze, public art and performance Stazione Leopolda , ITA
- Teatro Regio Torino (ITA), performance in Artissima Teatro with M. Pistoletto – Blinding The Years, cur. A. Bellini
- Tate Modern, London (GB), performance with M. Pistoletto in Long Weekend Performance, cur. C. Wood and K. Noble
    • University of Applied Sciences Nijmegen (NL), performance with Y. Duan
    • Selfportait of the artist, solo exhibition CCCB Barcelona, (SP)
2008 - Untiled Portrait project, performance and exhibition Museo MADRE Napoli, ITA
- Untitled Portrait, Untitled Ocean, Stazione Leopolda, Festival Fabbrica Europa, ITA
- Dock 11, Berlin (GER), performance
- 1st International Roaming Biennal of Teheran, video screening
- Teatro Affratellamento, Firenze (ITA), performance
- Lungomare gallery - Parallel Ev. Manifesta 7, Bolzano (ITA), performance
- Cittadellarte Fond. Pistoletto, Biella (ITA), performance /workshop
- EXTRA Italy, Castrovillari (CS) (ITA), video screenings / prize
- New Lanton Arts Gallery, San Francisco (USA), performance
- Farmlab Social Sculpture, Los Angeles (USA), performance
- Festival Fabbrica Europa, Prato (ITA), performance
- Officine Caos, Torino (ITA), performance
2007 - Hweilan Cultural Centre (TAIWAN), performance
- Guling Theatre of Taipei(TAIWAN), performance
- Taipei Artists Village, (TAIWAN), exhibition

2013 Guest curator of Lungomare Gasthaus, public art project, Bolzano ITA
2012 Co- curator of Shared Knowledge Site, in Kunsthaus Graz, Austria
Collaborator of Fondazione Teatro Valle, Rome ITA
2011-2010 Joint artistic director of the urban art biennale Evento 2011: Art for an urban re- evolution, Bordeaux, FR
2010-2008 Collaborator of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte, Biella ITA
2009-2008 Initiator of the network and projects Democratic Acts, Torion 1st Democracy Biennale, Festival Fabbrica Europa Firenze, Lungomare Bolzano
2008 – 2004 Founder and director of the art and activism network LOSS , ITA
2008-2006 Teaching staff Faculty of Science of Education, course of Theatre and Community Univ. Torino, ITA
2009-2002 Freelance teacher of relational dynamics. On Stage college, Artherapy School Lecco, Professional Education Provincia of Bolzano, Mus-e, art for children Torino.
2007-2000 Director of the performing art space “Reiss arti performative” Torino -ITA
2005-2004 Teaching staff of Torino University, Faculty of Arts and Cinema, ITA
2005 Teaching staff of Master “Theatre and Community” – University of Turin – ITA
2003 - 1999 Founder, director and performer of the performing arts collective Blusuolo – ITA

2011 - COMMUNITY ART: the politics of trespassing, editor Pascal Gielen and Paul De Bruyne, Valiz
Antennae Series
2010 - We’ve come a long way: Michelangelo Pistoletto actions and collaborations with the people of
Corniglia, curated by L. Coppola, Cittadellarte Ed.
2009 - Arts in Society: being an artist in post- fordism times, edited by Pascal Gielen and Paul De Bruyne, contributors included: Paolo Virno, Michael Hardt, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Pippo Delbono, Anne Teresa Dekeersmaeker, Matthew Herbert, Rudi Laermans. Nai Publishers, NL

2010- 2009 Researcher at Fontys University, members of the Arts in Society Knowledge Circle. Studies and research on art & post-Fordism, community art. Tilburg (NL)
2002 -1999 PhD, Safety and Risk Analysis, Politecnico di Torino (ITA)
Dissertation title: Exodus in Case of Panic, an investigation of models of evacuation in confined spaces, merging the studies of crowd psychology, collective unconscious theory and anthropometry, with the aim of setting integrated design criteria.
1997 – 1991 MA and BA in Environmental Engineering – Politecnico di Torino (ITA)
Extra -academic
Education in performing and visual arts, obtained via experiences, interests and collaborations involving artists, theorists, methods and institutions:
2011-2009 collaboration with the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto and his institution Cittadellarte. Study of the “materials action” from the Arte Povera movement of the 1960s and 1970s: reenactment of performances, publications, imagining art institutions for socially engaged practice.
2010 collaboration with Italian philosopher Paolo Virno: studies in Art & Post-Fordism.
2006-1999 applied studies in Authentic Movement (A. Whaterhoeg), Expression Primitive (Jhon Doese) and dance rituals from southern Italy.
1995-1998 study and collaboration with the Italian exponent of the literature and contemporary art movement Neovanguardia: Edoardo Sanguineti, Nanni Balestrini, Alfredo Giuliani: studies, performances and experiments.
1993-1996 workshops with Josef Svoboda (scenography, Czech Republic), W. and J. Janicky (theater, Kantor's actors), Luciano Berio (music), Riccardo Caporossi (theatre).

2015 Finalist of Furla Prize, ITA
2012 Finalist of Talent Prize 2012, ITA
2011 Residency and fellowship AIR Antwerpen, Belgium
2010 Residency and fellowship Seoul Art Space_ Geumcheon, Seoul – South Korea
2008 Residency New Langton Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
Residency Here Arts Center, New York
Prize and grant for production Moving – Movimento, ITA (Fabbrica Europa Firenze, Santarcangelo dei
Teatri, Cantieri Culturali - Assessorato Cultura e Politiche Giovanili del Comune di Prato, Giardino
Chiuso/ Teatro dei Leggieri, San Gimignano (Siena), Movi|mentale, Interno 5 – CDTM, Napoli)
Grants Movin'up (GAI, DARC), ITA
2007 Residency Taipei Artists Village, Taiwan
Residency and fellowship HweiLan International Artists Residence, Taiwan.